Project: Saltsjöbaden Centrum - Property Development Sales Material
Client: Catella Corporate Finance

Year: 2014

On behalf of our client Vida proposes a restructuring of the retail and shopping property Saltsjöbaden Centrum. This study has been incorporated into our clients sales material in order to illustrate the development potential of the property.

The proposal focuses on increasing the amount of lettable retail area and enhancing the shopping experience. We moved the carpark indoors and used the existing parking lot to created a gently sloping plaza with a flanking food court building leading up to the new extended entrance. We added an extra floor to the central area of the mall and glazed parts of the roof.

These important additions turns the slumbering mall of today into an attractive shopping district which provides this prosperous part of Nacka with an edgy mix of retail and shopping.

O – and we change the name back to the historical Saltsjötorg which integrates better with the village-like feeling we are creating.

images copyright vida AB 2014