Tekniska Nämndhuset Söderstaden

Project: TN Söderstaden, preliminary investigation before the architectural competition
Client: Stockholm Stads Fastighetskontor

Year: 2013


Vida architects have done the preparatory investigations for the new Tekniska Nämndhuset in Söderstaden competition, conducted in spring 2014.

The commission has concluded to investigate how to create the best possible environment in the short and long term for the new Tekniska Nämndhuset. This has partly been through the trials of programs and structures for the building, but also through extensive analysis of the future development of the area as a whole.

The complex position along an existing highway to be converted into a future major axis of the planned “Söderstaden” has made it necessary for VIDA to acquire knowledge about the conditions for future development, both in terms of impact on the program, structures and movement patterns, but also in matters such as transportation of dangerous goods and accessibility for all.
The mission has also been to investigate how different development scenarios affect the conditions for future housing development in the area.

photos by VIDA copyright vida AB 2014